PP Fume Hood FH1200 FH1500 FH1800

Basic Information
Place of Origin: china
Certification: CE ISO
Model Number: PP-FH1200 PP-FH1500 PP-FH1800
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 UNITS
Delivery Time: 5-15 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Product Description

The disassembly and assembly structure of the cabinet adopts ", U, T" folded edge welding reinforcement structure, the physical structure is stable, and the maximum load-bearing capacity is 400KG,Much higher than other similar brand products, with excellent performance of strong acid and alkali resistance. The lower cabinet is welded with 8mm thick PP polypropylene board,It has strong acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance. The door panels are all double-folded, solid and firm, not easy to deform, and the overall appearance is elegant.

The deflector is welded with 5mm thick PP polypropylene plate, which has strong acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, and is installed at the rear and above the working space

The square part is composed of two plates, so that an air chamber is formed between the connection between the working space and the exhaust pipeline, and the polluted gas is evenly discharged.

The deflector uses a PP fixed base to combine it with the cabinet, which can be disassembled repeatedly.

Sliding vertical window combined with the balance position, the window sliding door can stop at any active point on the operating surface. window frame The frameless door is embedded with the four sides of the glass, and the frictional resistance is small, ensuring the safety and durability of the window. The window glass is made of 5mm thick tempered glass, which has high strength and good bending resistance, and will not produce small fragments with sharp angles when broken. The window lifting counterweight adopts a synchronous structure, and the synchronous belt transmission has accurate displacement, small force on the shaft, good wear resistance, and good anti-aging performance.

All internal connection devices in the connection part need to be hidden and anti-corrosion. There are no exposed screws, and all external connection devices are anti-corrosion.

Chemical corrosion of stainless steel parts and non-metallic materials.

The exhaust outlet is made of PP material gas collection cover, the diameter of the air outlet is 250mm round hole, and the casing is connected to reduce gas turbulence.


Model FH1200 FH1500 FH1800
External dimension (mm) 1200*850*2350 1500*850*2350 1800*850*2350
Internal dimension (mm) 960*660*1180 1260*660*1180 1560*660*1180
Opening height of the window (mm) 760
Air quantity (m3/h) 1300 1700 2100
Exhaust diameter (mm) φ250
Face velocity (m/s) 0.3~0.5
Noise (dB) Less than 65
Power input voltage (V) Two phase 220V 50Hz
Led lamp Yes
Table top 12.7mm thick solid physicochemical board
Current and power of power socket 10A 2200W 5-hole
Net weight (kg) 182 218 249


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